Zed Systems is an application service provider and technology Solutions provider to the call centre and resource management industry, our focus is on technology integration and the development of customer centric solutions.

In this technological age, one supplier can no longer be the creator of all that is good; therefore we at Zed Systems believe in leveraging the best from our own resources and suppliers; as such we have developed a strong market knowledge and understanding of where the best industry knowledge can be found. Through strong interaction with our suppliers we have managed to develop a network of expertise capable of meeting almost any industry challenge.

Our solutions cover items such as taking a call, alarm handling, automatically identifying the caller (CLI integration), locating the caller (Mapping, Telco database integration and or Location based services), classifying the call, despatching resources to the call, tracking the resources, and tracking the status of the resources.

Some of our speciality experience includes; transmission (carrier) networks, telemetry solutions and call centre / back office integration.

Software solutions are web enabled and can be run in house or as a bureau service.

Hardware solutions are sourced from the industry and the best fit solution is then recommended to the client. Integration is managed by Zed Systems, ensuring total integration and interoperability.

Our solutions are ideally suited to the following fields:

  • Resource management (field personnel management)
  • Building management and monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Assistance services management
  • Fleet management and asset tracking markets

Solutions Include

  • GSM / and radio based Telemetry solutions
  • Transmission (carrier) networks, including radio, data, WI FI and VOIP over Wireless networks
  • Tracking systems
  • Building management solutions
  • Environmental monitoring solutions
  • CCTV solutions
  • Remote systems management solutions
  • Call centre solutions
  • CTI Integration
  • Back office integratio

Markets Include

  • Public enterprise
  • Local government
  • Utilities
  • Large corporates
  • Service companies