ZedTrack was developed by Zed Systems to provide an alternative to proprietary tracking solutions, fleet owners need not be restricted to a particular device or manufacturer. With ZedTrack, the fleet owner can now select the best device for the task across the entire fleet. This level of flexibility now means that monies can be spent where a return can be realised. Low cost devices may be deployed where only recovery and basic tracking is required, whereas business systems may be deployed where the vehicles are used as business tools.

Feature Include:

  • Web, WAP Access
  • User Authentication
  • Street Search
  • User Defined Points
  • Geo-fencing

Public Safety and Incident Management

Events often span a region, affecting communities across jurisdictional and agency boundaries. Whether an event is planned or unplanned, the ability to quickly and securely collaborate among organizations is paramount to protecting the health and safety of the public, responders and recovery workers.

NC4’s public safety and incident management solution E•SPONDER, enables multiple first response entities to share critical information when collaborating in the preparation, response, resolution, and review processes associated with daily activities, events, and incidents.

Zed Systems has partnered with NC4 to provide E•SPONDER Disaster Management Software to South Africa.
Please visitNC4 for more details.